Friday, March 4, 2016

Novel translated into English: SEE YOU AT BREAKFAST?

has published the novel:

SEE YOU AT BREAKFAST? By Guillermo Fadanelli
Translated by Alice Whitmore
Cover photography by Miguel Calderón.

Guillermo Fadanelli is one of Mexico’s leading authors, and appears in English for the first time in this translation of See You at Breakfast? by the young Australian translator Alice Whitmore.
Set in modern-day Mexico City, the novella follows the lives of four characters: Cristina, a practical-minded prostitute managing work, police harassment and the demands of the men who fall in love with her; Ulises, a solitary office worker obsessed by a promotion he will never receive; his friend Adolfo, a part-trained veterinarian who dispenses medical advice though he can’t distinguish between a dog and a coyote; and the neighbour with whom he is infatuated, the beautiful and sheltered Olivia, the daughter of Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose violent assault brings them together as a group. By turns humorous and menacing, See You at Breakfast? is reminiscent of Carver and Bukowski, and a vital contribution to contemporary Mexican literature.